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Flexible Bronchoscopy Course Marks 40th Year – In a Virtual Format

This year marks the 40th year for the Flexible Bronchoscopy Post-Graduate Course.

It also marks a challenge never before faced by the course: due to the coronavirus pandemic, the course will be taught in an online format.

Faculty are currently working to adapt the didactic portions of the course to a virtual environment. This will allow providers who enroll in the class to access material at times and places of their own choosing. The goal is to offer the didactic section of the course sometime this fall and the hands-on training to small groups of physicians at a later date. This will be limited to no more than three providers at a time, to comply with COVID-19 restrictions.

Nearly 2,400 physicians from more than 85 countries have taken the course since it was started in 1980 by Robert E. Wood, MD, PhD, director of Cincinnati Children’s Pulmonary Bronchoscopy Program. Wood will continue to serve as an instructor for the course, but planning and administrative duties have been assumed by Dan Benscoter, DO, and John Brewington, MD, pediatric pulmonologists in the Division of Pulmonary Medicine.

The course will offer a thorough introduction to pediatric bronchology and flexible bronchoscopy. Benscoter and Brewington will draw on Wood’s expertise and that of the faculty Wood has assembled over the years in adapting the course to a virtual format.

 “We have an all-star team from all the great children’s hospitals around the country,” says Benscoter. “I believe we can adapt that know-how to the demands of our current situation.”

Be on the lookout for further details about this year’s virtual Flexible Bronchoscopy Post-Graduate Course.

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